In era of freely accessed information, it's possible for us to exchange information easily. It gives us a chance to take and give information one another. This blog is going to give us a chamber to share our thoughts and ideas, in order that it will give us more information from all corners of the world. I invite you to share our information in the mutual way.
We hardly avoid the influence of other country in education, culture and society. However, the most important measures are how to develop them, we are still capable of maintaining the specific characteristics of those. Although, it's very likely impossible to perform it. As a human beings, of course, we must have own education, culture and society which can distinguish from other countries. Thus, it's our hard duty to realize it.

Friday, April 30, 2010


SCARS stands for Social and Cultural Accelerated Reform Site (SCARS). This site is designed to accelerate social and cultural reform concerning with the role of education in social and cultural reform. It is recognized that scars are marks left on part of the body after an injury or signs of damage to a person mental state or physical destruction in a place. We realize that the modernization or globalization and acculturation have good and bad effects on society and culture. Globalization and acculturation have left permanent scars on Society and Culture. Cultural shocks have made some societies in some countries difficult to adapt the changes happening in their social life.
Central Java, one of the provinces in Indonesia, has diverse culture which is potential to be worldwide heritage. It must be still preserved from the influences of globalization and acculturation. If it doesn't restrain its own identity, it will be extinct. The next generation will not recognize his/ her own culture. It's a calamity if one generation does not have his/ her own culture which is able to show his/her own identity. It's crucial to empower the local society in this case the young generation to learn and preserve his/ her own culture.



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