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We hardly avoid the influence of other country in education, culture and society. However, the most important measures are how to develop them, we are still capable of maintaining the specific characteristics of those. Although, it's very likely impossible to perform it. As a human beings, of course, we must have own education, culture and society which can distinguish from other countries. Thus, it's our hard duty to realize it.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Engklek is one of traditional games in Central Java, Indonesia, especially in Banyumas Residency. It is called Engklek (jumping) because each player must use one of his/ her legs to go through some squares. There are more different names for this game for different places in Central Java, such as, Teklek, Ciplek Gunung, and so on.
Engklek is usually played by 2 or 5 players on break time at the elementary school or after taking a bath in the evening. It's very simple to play this game. Each player must jump with one leg on every square and pass all squares vice verse. The player must throw gacuk (broken roof-tile) before he/ she goes through the squares.First, one of the players throws gacuk to the first square



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