In era of freely accessed information, it's possible for us to exchange information easily. It gives us a chance to take and give information one another. This blog is going to give us a chamber to share our thoughts and ideas, in order that it will give us more information from all corners of the world. I invite you to share our information in the mutual way.
We hardly avoid the influence of other country in education, culture and society. However, the most important measures are how to develop them, we are still capable of maintaining the specific characteristics of those. Although, it's very likely impossible to perform it. As a human beings, of course, we must have own education, culture and society which can distinguish from other countries. Thus, it's our hard duty to realize it.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

My consideration

It's real that modern era can be unavoidable from the effect of science and technology, especially internet. Internet is one of the part of modern life. Most of the modern people rely on this technology nowadays because it helps them communicate one another to share and gain information. Information is main source of understanding the development of human beings. Through information, people in the world exchange it to enhance their knowledge and nuance. No wonder, people will be literate if they always upgrade their knowledge every time.
Internet has been part of modern society. Most of members of the community use their



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